Utah’s Bearded Piano Papa Plays Baby To Bed

How can you get a sick baby to bed? Well, if you’re this Utah pianist father, you just play a little Brahms lullaby! See dad David Motola of Bearded Piano lull his baby to sleep in this cute video, then read more about David and the story behind it below. Now, sing us a song, you’re the piano Dad!

Source: Today.com

David Motola, a self-taught pianist, is a humble man. He is a quiet father of three boys – Isaac, Ezra, and Samuel – and he and his wife Molly live a relatively quiet life in Salt Lake City, Utah. However, David, a music lover, always wanted to play the piano. So he thought he would train himself. He trained himself to play piano by ear, and he even admits he can’t read sheet music. Yet David’s skills grew until he launched his own YouTube channel, a place where he can show off his latest compositions. Bearded Piano (named after his whisker-laden face and favorite instrument) has steadily been gaining a fan base and growing in popularity. Its latest video – “Lullaby For My Baby” – is going viral with 30 million views and counting, to be exact!

It’s hard to say what exactly is so great about the video. It has a cute baby: check. There’s a father of three who clearly loves his son: check. We’re treated to some beautiful music: check. Still, perhaps it’s due in part to the description below, which raises the stakes a bit. It seems that the little baby – Motola’s son Samuel – had an earache that was keeping him awake. Motola’s wife, Molly Motola, asked the hirsute pianist to help put the baby to bed, which is where the entire bearded video adventure begins.

“I rocked him for about ten minutes and probably gave him motion sickness and decided I would play piano for him,” Motola explained.

Source: Today.com

Holding tiny baby Samuel to his chest, David is seen clearly playing on the piano – little do we know as viewers at home that David was actually making up the melody on the spot. Well, he winged it well, because in less than thirty seconds, Samuel quickly falls into a deep sleep.

It actually caught the Bearded papa off guard.

“Halfway through I look up in amazement because he’s yawning and asleep,” he recently told WNEP. “I was amazed as everybody else; he was out like a light in 30 seconds.”

Motola originally recorded the video just to prove to his wife that he had put the baby to bed as challenged. Afterward, Samuel slept for a solid 8 hours – an achievement for any newborn’s parent!

“I had never tried it before and wasn’t sure,” Motola noted to TODAY. “I was thrilled that it worked so well, as was my wife. Happy wife, happy life.”

Motola originally recorded the video just to prove to his wife that he had put the baby to bed as challenged. (Afterward, Samuel slept for a solid 8 hours – an achievement for any newborn’s parent!)

When Motola uploaded the recording to his YouTube channel, the couple were amazed as they saw an incredible surge in views.

“We were a little surprised it just blew up,” Molly said.

And it isn’t just about the quantity of views for the proud father.

“I’ve been moved to tears about some of the people who have left messages,” David added.

It begs the question: how did David know what to play off-the-cuff?

“I just played what was in my heart,” he explained. “What was in his heart apparently is reverberating with a lot of people around the world who are very glad that he did.”

David’s lullaby is available for purchase on the perfectly chosen CD Baby website. All money made from the sales will be helping the three Motola sons go to college.

Source: Today.com