Uplifting, Inspiring Stories from 2015

7.Mom Caught Shoplifting Gets Surprise Gift

An Orem, Utah mom got a surprise after she was caught shoplifting. Rebecca Freemont, a single mom of two, was caught trying to steal food to feed her hungry children. The Police officers figured this was not your typical theft of material things. This woman was trying to get food to feed her family. The police went to Rebecca’s home and what they saw made them decide they had to do something to make a real Christmas for this family. The officers saw a home, in government housing, that was barren of just about every normal thing that makes a house a home. There was no television or any other form of entertainment. There were no pictures of any kind on the walls. Everything was bare, except for a child’s drawing of a Christmas tree.

This act of charity was covered on local news stations, and shared Freemont’s plight with the community. Furniture and money was donated, which allowed the officers to purchase a Christmas tree, presents and tons of food for this needy family.

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