Tip jar thief nets $10 after leaving without his $15 meal


Note to future would-be tip jar thieves–if you’re going to order a meal beforehand, make sure you get your food before you make off with the money. That way, if the amount in the jar is only $10, at least you will have gotten a good meal out of the bargain.

Unfortunately, one hapless thief in Christchurch, New Zealand didn’t heed that advice. CCTV footage caught him paying for a $14.90 meal at the Nandos in Riccarton, Christchurch, Friday.

Nandos is a British-based restaurant chain famous for their flame-grilled chicken flavored with peri-peri, a spicy South African sauce.

The video of the ironic incident was posted across social media by the owner Yateen Lallu  and already had about 50,000 views by Internet users who appreciated the irony of the situation.

The thief, who had been in the restaurant the previous day, seemed to have it all planned out. He put in his order, sat and waited for his meal before seeing the opportunity.

“He then quietly got up, as you can see in the video, looked around and saw nobody was watching and put the tip jar in his bag,” Lallu told the website Stuff.Co.NZ.

He said his wife discovered the tip jar was gone, and told Lallu that she estimated it contained between $5 and $10. She later found the empty jar on the floor of the restroom.

Lallu went onto explain to the newspaper how he confronted the suspect. “I said to him ‘there’s our tip jar’, and he said ‘it wasn’t me, it must have been someone else’. I said ‘are you sure? Are you telling the truth?’ And he told me to check his bag and check the security cameras and I started to doubt myself.”

Lallu replayed security camera footage to confirm his wife’s suspicions, but the man had left by then. Lallu then called the police.

“He hadn’t actually got his food, so in total he would have probably got $5 to $10 and he paid $14.90 for something he didn’t get. So it wasn’t worth it, he had a bad day. It was not good karma for the poor bloke.”

Thief in action

Police in Christchurch have ideas about who the culprit might be, however. Another man was filmed stealing cameras from the Casa dei Bambini preschool in Richmond. They are currently investigating to determine whether it might be the same man.

The cameras stolen were worth around $3000, so at least that proved a lucrative payday for the thief–at least until the cops catch up with him.