The Sausage Castle A Fantasyland of Sexual Perversion in Florida

Most people who hear the word “Florida” think of “Disney World” or “Universal Studios,” but Florida is home to another “family” attraction known as “The Sausage Castle.” This is not your traditional family attraction. No, this attraction is filled with a bunch of freaky people with even freakier past times.


The Sausage Castle is located in Osceola County about one hour from Disney World time wise, but it is more like a land from some far off planet filled with deviates, perverts, and misfits of every sexual kind. The Castle is built on swampland near a body of water called Alligator Lake.

The proprietor is 34-year-old Mike Busey (whose real name is Michael Andrew Ward, and he is the nephew of actor, Gary Busey). He lives in this land of debauchery with several misfit Juggalos of both genders. For the uninitiated, a “Juggalo” an extreme fan of the rap group Insane Clown Posse or any other Psychopathic Records artist.

The females, who live in Mike’s fantasy aka the Sausage Castle, are known as “the Busey Beauties,” and the men are just plain old degenerates.
Mike and his band of misfits love to throw parties filled with every type of sexual fetish imaginable. Of course, Mike’s pals can be seen in the photo below. Their names (starting from the left): Shelby, Kinky Face, The Bunny, Ari, Big LA, Alyssa, Mike Busey, Ratchet Regi, and Sexy Sushi.


The Sausage Castle is the place to go to live out your most decadent fantasies of deviant sexual desires. If you have ever had a burning desire to take a shit in the shower while fucking a girl (or a guy because Busey does not discriminate), you are welcome to live out your fantasy here. Perhaps, you have a different fantasy, one that involves trying to hit the “target” my launching eggs into the asshole of a 500-pound man. No worries! The Sausage Castle can help you make your fantasies a reality.

“If you’re not 500 pounds, a midget, or molested by your dad, we don’t have a need for you,” Mike said in an interview with Mitchell Sunderland.

The Castle offers something for nearly every perversion your mind can think up. Girls fucking each other with bottles, an American flag being yanked from the ass of a queer by a drone, or one of Busey’s Beauties, Ratchet Regi, getting her twerk on with 500-pound Big LA at a past gathering (shown below).

Mike Busey is known for throwing outrageous events like “The Gathering.” It was an event for Juggalos that was shocking, even by their standards. Busey had his beauties giving disabled people lap dances, and the grand finale was Mike inviting the audience up on the stage get a bird’s eye view of Ratchet Regi squirt chocolate from her vagina, and then give a veteran a blow job.


“We’re like a subgenre of the Juggalos,” Regi said of her performance. Mike agreed: “I relate to the Juggalo community so much just because I’m a broke piece of shit who lived in a trailer.”


Actually, Mike did not have what you would call a “normal” childhood. “My whole childhood was super fuckin’ weird,” he recalled. “I remember being four or five years old and burning part of my family’s trailer. I blamed it on my sister. So my dad put me in the bathtub and rolled up newspaper and burned it and started taunting me with it like, ‘You wanna get burnt, motherfucker? You like that? You like that?’ Then he told me to pack all my shit up because he was giving me away. He dropped me off at a fuckin’ children’s home, drove around, came back, and took me to McDonald’s.”

Busey’s whacked father was not his only problem while growing up. He grew up mostly in foster care while in South Carolina, and he spent time living in other states like California, Louisiana, and Florida. In addition, Mike does not know who is really is his biological father.

Growing up in such a dysfunctional childhood, it is any wonder that Mike is living in a commune of misfits?

It may be hard to believe, but there was a time when Mike was just the opposite of the person he is now. Way back as a teen, he was a devout Christian who had dedicated his life to God. He attended a Christian college, and prayer was a part of his daily life. Mike even played basketball. However, he became disillusioned by political games and hypocrites in school. This caused him to end his collegiate career early and drop out.

“From that point forward,” Mike said, “let’s just say me and the church had a little bit of a vacation.”

Mike’s journey to the Sausage Castle was a bit bumpy. His break with the Church left him confused and depressed. He, like many people, wondered what his purpose was for being in the world. While he was searching for himself, his new self, he realized he liked to party. He ended up becoming roommates with some friends he met through pranks he pulled on people at Downtown Disney. His roommates were very much in hosting wild parties. It also did not go unnoticed that many of the guests were men, so their place got the nickname of “the Sausage Castle.”

Mike and his roommates got evicted from that first place, and the same thing happened at their next home. While he and his buddies were enjoying all the parties, his landlords did not.

“[The second Sausage Castle] ended, and I was like, fuck. Then it dawned on me: You know what? We’re gonna start naming these motherfuckers as we go—Sausage Castle one, two, three, four, five, six, seven,” Mike said. “The Sausage Castle is wherever I and all my stupid shit go.”


Mike has been through several “Sausage Castles” over the years. He is currently on number 7. This castle has lasted the longest. He moved in during the recession. It really was not much more than a shack when Mike moved into the property. The owners had lost the home through foreclosure and another man bought the home. Mike refers to this owner as “Israel” since he is Jewish, and this is whom he has been paying the rent to all these years.

The Sausage Castle comes at a price, so Mike had to invent ways to make this an income-producing endeavor. Some of the ways he raises capital is by renting out rooms to his Busey Beauties and to veterans. He also charges cover fees for house events, and he hosts what is known as a “Rockstar Weekends.” During such a weekend people, pay several thousands of dollars to live at the castle and play out their deepest, darkest sexual fantasies.

“The fascination with me is I’m this fat broke guy with a small dick and I’m surrounded by rock stars and hot chicks. I give the average Joe hope he can grow up to be fat with an ugly haircut and bad teeth and fuck beautiful women,” said Mike in an interview with Mitchell Sunderland.

Mike says he has spent at least $50,000 to transform the dilapidated building he rented years ago into the sexual fantasyland of today. He has furnished the building with old church pews and covered them with photos of porn stars, and he installed a granite strip-club stage in the living room with a “Wheel of Debauchery” to encourage everyone to be as perverse as possible.


While the Sausage Castle is unique due to its location and activities, it is possibly the people in the Castle that make it even more interesting.

Ratchet Regi likes to claim she’s the “most ratchet stripper in Orlando.” The Sausage Castle is not her only gig. She strips at a high-end strip joint near the airport, but that does not keep her from taking her clothes off at the Castle. Another frequent guest at the Castle is a vet who comes in periodically to detox himself. There is a resident Afghanistan vet who lives upstairs with a bunch of dogs. He likes to keep to himself because he suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder. He calms his nerves by smoking weed. Another chick is Naked Ashley. She likes to walk around and take her clothes off at any given time, all day long. These are just a few of the resident characters of the Sausage Castle.

Everyone here is crazy and perverted in his or her own special way, but they all look out for each other. In many cases, better than if they were truly related by blood.

“I always felt this sense of insecurity, like things weren’t stable,” Mike said. “I’ve known different ways of life and different lifestyles growing up, but the Sausage Castle has been the most continuous, steady thing. It’s going on, like, 15 years now. I’ve never had anything in my life last this long, not even a Christmas tradition or a relationship—nothing. It’s one of the few places where I find some kind of sick, twisted contentment and inner joy and peace amid the ridiculousness of what I call my life.”

This contentment can be seen in the following picture depicting Mike lying on the bed watching TV with some of his “adopted” family members.


If all this makes you yearn to visit the Sausage Castle, then you may want to do so sooner rather than later. The reported on February 10, that due to code infractions, the Sausage Castle is facing not only closure, but bulldozing.

Between fines owed to the city by Busey for code violations and fines owed by the owners of the property, the total amount due is approximately $1 million.

In addition to the outstanding fines, there is a problem with the location of the Sausage Castle. The “home” was not built in the place it was supposed to have been built, based on the plans turned into the city back during its original construction. The property is crossing lot lines and it actually sits on the lake bottom of Alligator Lake, which is stated owned sovereign land.

Officials say that the legal process must be followed before anything can be done to the dwelling or the matter of forcing Busey off the land. This legal process could take at least 90 days, if not longer.