Sorry, These Places Are Off-Limits To You


It’s mostly a free world, but there still remains places which are closed to the general public. The next time you want to visit these fun locations, you might want to check with the government… or at least some local security.

Coca-Cola was the first of its kind over 120 years ago. The recipe was safeguarded and locked into a vault in Atlanta. Tourists are allowed to tour the facility but they cannot directly access the secret recipe. If you try, you might be killed. Okay, probably not, but you’ll definitely be arrested for trespassing. If you plan on visiting the Atlanta area any time soon, buy a ticket and give it a whirl. They have a stunning 4-D Theater with moving seats, and a 7 foot tall Coca-Cola Polar Bear to give you a friendly hug. Feel free to sample any combination of the 100+ beverages Coca-Cola has to offer you. But don’t count on learning their secret recipe. It is forever under lock and key. Despite the privacy measures of this vault, it’s nothing like our next facility…