This soldier dad surprising his teen daughter will choke you up big-time



Ally Hart of Mechanicsburg, Penn., had a lot to deal with for a 16-year-old girl. Her stepdad was deployed to Afghanistan with the Pennsylvania Air National Guard. She was taking care of her two younger sisters, getting them to school, and making sure they did their Spanish and math homework.

All the while, like any family member, she was consumed with worry about her stepdad being deployed to a dangerous war zone. Although U.S. troops are the best trained in the world, something can happen at any time in the unpredictability of war.

Ally Hart was wise beyond her years in everything she was dealing with. But given that her stepdad was supporting the family and protecting the country at the same time, Ally said she was proud of him and glad he went overseas to fight. She said, “you have to realize it’s for a good thing… it’s good for us.”

However, it wasn’t easy shouldering such a burden. Ally didn’t let resentment get to her, though. “You get kind of upset sometimes,” she said. “You think, I wish he was here so we could do this.”

She hadn’t seen him in seven months when she got called to the school office for a mysterious reason. Of course, like any student she got up and went right away–and was shocked and delighted to see her stepdad herself standing there. Needless to say, the emotion of the moment is written all over her face.

It’s hard not get choked up right along with her.

Ally’s mom surprised her by bring her stepdad to a school assembly. Later, at her sister Taylor’s middle school, the younger girl gets a surprise that is just as big.

“It’s hard to explain. You’re just filled with emotion. It’s good to be home,” said Ally’s stepdad in the video.

When her little sister gets her turn for the surprise the moment, the video gets even more emotional–as if that were possible! You have to see it to believe it. We get the sense that no matter where the military sends him, everything for this family is going to be okay as long as they share so much love between them.