Socks that Pause Your Favorite Netflix Show

Many people are familiar with the on-demand streaming site, Netflix, whether it is because of binge watching contagious shows like “Narcos” or “Orange is the New Black”, or simply because they live in the 21st century and have heard about it.

What many people might not know though, is that Netflix created a new DIY project for Netflix viewers.

Because having fuzzy socks while watching a movie isn’t enough, Netflix decided to solve a common problem that viewers have during their late night binge sessions.

Socks that pause your favorite Netflix show.

The way it works is that sleep detection is determined using a system called actigraphy, which monitors sleep cycles. The accelerometer then senses any movement, and when movement has stopped, the devise assumes the person has fallen asleep.

This DIY project is placed on some DIY Netflix socks, per recommendation of

Voila! The Netflix show is paused and you don’t end up on season 10 when you really should be on season 2.

If the person is just calm as a cucumber, but completely awake, then the DIY devise will start flashing red to alert the person the show is about to pause. The most subtle movement will interrupt the pause, and the viewer can continue watching.

If you are ambitious enough to try out the tutorial, you can click here.