Shaquille O’Neal Gives Son New Lambo, But There’s a Big Catch

Oh, he had it! He nearly had it! Basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal’s new podcast shows that he knows all the best moves on and off the court. In his latest episode, he tells the world that he threw a huge party for his son Shareef, an amazing Sweet 16 party complete with a present of a Lamborghini! But there’s a catch: he’s taking away his son’s new Lamborghini until he gets straight A’s. Talk about motivation!

Shareef Will Like It: Rock The Lambo

The party was incredible: Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef’s 16th birthday party was a huge success: 400 guests, rapper Post Malone doing a set, a massive candy bar… oh, and let’s not forget presents: TWO CARS: a brand new Lamborghini AND a brand new Jeep.

It’s enough to make any 16 year old crazy happy – or any other person of any age! But Shaq, in a sweet parenting move, added a catch: Shaq announced that unless Shareef shazam’s his low-B average into straight A’s, he won’t be driving that Lambo. Shaq told the whole story on his podcast, “The Big Podcast with Shaq”:

“It’s called incentives. You do good … Put it this way, I bought them, they’re his regardless. But you get all A’s, lambo’s yours … you can have it whenever you want it. It’s at my house in the garage. Let’s not get it twisted. I bought them for him, but I didn’t give it to him that day. But they’re his. You get all A’s, son, the Lamborghini’s yours whenever you want it. He has a low B average. I told him to get that low B average, and if you do certain things in basketball, when you get your license you can get the Jeep.

“I’m a master of making things look more expensive than they are. Of course the Lambo is expensive, but Jeeps are $25,000. So I put a hell of a paint job on it, I put some thangs on it for him, that’s what the little kids like, so when he gets his license I’ll definitely give him that.”

If you were wondering if that’s his only hot move as a dad, guess again. Shaq even rocked his role as a chaperone. He shared this tidbit about how he spent the party on the podcast:

“[My son]’s a good kid, most of his friends are good kids and I was there [at the party]. I’m the chaperone. Ain’t nothin’ going down. Him doing that by himself? No way ever. I’m there, have fun, listen to some music. Ain’t gonna be no slippin’ no alcohol. Ain’t gonna be no goin’ in the back smokin’ weed. None of that. I was there.

“So, it’s good to let these kids have fun. Gotta let them have fun… You have to give them some type of release. I told him if he did good in school, he could have what he wanted. He said he just wanted to have a nice Sweet 16 … My thing is, if I’m there, I’m guaranteeing you ain’t nothin’ gonna go down. I was walking around and people be like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I’m like, ‘I know what I’m doing.’ Because these 16-year-olders, everything they’re thinking of I invented.

“‘Let me go in the bathroom.’ So I’m in the bathroom. ‘Let me go in the back behind the good truck.’ So I’m back there.”

Shaq could buy his son everything (as you may have guessed from him buying his son two cars before he is even able to drive them). But he’s doing a great job at keeping him grounded. As Shaq put it, “I tell him all the time, ‘From zero to 16 [years old], we’re rich. But as soon as you get 18, it goes back to reality: I’m rich.'”

Big Daddy Shaq, we salute you. Swish!