Service Dog Comforts Bride with Panic Attacks

This South Dakota bride wasn’t expecting a shot of her ring bearer to garner so much attention, but it has definitely gone viral. It’s a shot of her service dog showing her master what a best friend is for on a very special day. Check it out here.


A Sweet Moment

Valerie Parrott, a bride married in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, posed with her yellow Lab service dog, Bella. The photo, taken by Maddie Peschong of Mad Photo and Design, shows a tutu-clad Bella resting her head against the bride. This is not only heartwarming, but a significant move: when the pup rests her head, it’s a move the trained medical alert and psychiatric service dog uses to calm down Parrott and aid in risky blood pressure rises.


An Important Photo

Parrott, who has anxiety, told Grand Forks Herald of how significant the photo is not just for her but also in terms of her special bond with Bella:

“That photo really just shows everything you can’t put into words. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that one really is.”

It’s no shock for Parrott: Bella is trained to note when panic attacks coupled with high anxiety and migraines are on the rise.

“In the photo it really just shows the bond of a service dog and her handler and how much you have to be attuned to each other, and really thrive and make things work,” Parrott added. “It’s hard to really explain and put into words just how important she is to me, and I think what’s cool about that photo is that it kind of does that.”


The Bride’s Viral Response

Parrott responded to the rise in interest over the photo in a positive way. She hopes it brings light to the important work Bella and other dogs like her are doing.

“It was really crazy,” she said. “Really unbelievable and helps raise awareness that service dogs can be for many kinds of illnesses.”

A beautiful story and a beautiful moment on a beautiful day – in a word: beautiful.