Pug Gets a Bath and Loves It

I don’t think Peter Jennings could keep himself from reporting on this little tyke. This kiddo is not only in a bath, but he’s also highly adorable. The story is this lady found a dog, an old pug, and it was very dirty, poor little lost dog. So she decided that she would give it a bath while its little pug babies watched. Not just a bath – a bath complete with a scratcher and then later (after this video was taken) a massage, even!

As you can imagine, the little pug was in heaven. Pugs are known for their gremlin noises, and this is quite the typical pug! He makes such moans in the bath that even though there is definitely some yard work going on around the house, it’s hard to tell who is making the bigger moans – him or the machine behind him! We should all be so happy to have this kind of enjoyment out of a simple bubblebath. Dive into the bliss here below.