Polish Artist Living Out His Dream Without Arms

Mariusz Kędzierski is from Poland, and he is 23 years old. His favorite passion is art, and while many young people are interested in art, Mariusz is not like most young people his age. He was born different than most people. Mariusz was born without arms.

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“I was just a kid who went to school and who was playing football with friends, but I was a little different,” Kędzierski told The Huffington Post. “I was born without arms.”

Mariusz realized he loved art when he was only 3-years-old. He did not let his disability stand in his way. He loved painting and drawing and taught himself how to do both. These activities were a part of his life until he was 12 years old, at which point he had to stop due to health reasons. However, Mariusz had a surgery in 2008 that changed his situation, and he was able to resume his favorite passion, art, once again.

“But for me disability doesn’t mean that I can’t live my own, great life,” he writes on Bored Panda. “It doesn’t mean that I have to forget my dreams. Art has been my way of life for 7 years.”

His favorite type of art is portrait art that is very detailed and intricate. He describes the work as “realistic or hyperrealistic drawings.”

“A few years ago I couldn’t even imagine that art would be a part of my life,” he said. “But now it is!”

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“Each drawing takes me more than 20 hours,” Kędzierski said. “But if you want to be the best, you have to practice, and you can not look for any excuses.”

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Kedzierski has been busily creating over 700 hyper-realistic portraits over the last seven years. These portraits have taken him a total of 15,000 hours to create. Without the use of typical hands or arms, he must hold the pencil against his incompletely formed arms to make the drawings.

Mariusz said he felt very ashamed as a child in an interview with The Huffington Post, and he tries to depict that shame he felt in the portraits he draws.

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“Through people’s faces and eyes, I can express my own feelings,” he explained.

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This talented young man added another accomplishment to his life when he won the “Best Global Artist” in 2013, in Vienna. This was quite an achievement not only due to his physical condition, but because he has never had any formal art training. Everything he has done was through learning on his own.

“It is not difficult to be an artist or whoever you want to be if you truly believe that you want to do it. Then nothing stops you,” he said.

In keeping with his indomitable spirit, Mariusz as created a new series of portraits called “Mariusz Draws.” The young artist took a trip to Europe and drew his latest creations while sitting on the streets of various cities like Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, Athens, and Barcelona. He is hoping his art and his story will help to inspire others to live their dreams, and prove that limitations do not have to hold a person back from attaining what he or she wants.

The following video shows the young artist at work on a portrait. He made the video to inspire others.

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