Disturbing Video Of Police Officer Picking Up And Throwing High School Student

The police officer has been pulled from a South Carolina school where he worked as a resource officer

Deputy Ben Fields is the officer in the video ordering a student out of her seat. Without giving her time to get up, he grabs her, flips her over, slams her with her desk onto the ground and drags her like rag doll.

The video was taken on Monday at Spring Valley High School. Aisha Thomas, who posted the video to Facebook, said she first saw the footage on Instagram. It has since gotten thousands of shares.

Officials are looking into what happened before the violent arrest happened, cops said. Police said the student was under arrest for refusing to the leave the classroom after being disruptive.

The school’s superintendent Dr. Debbie Hamm said in a statement that the video was deeply concerning.

“Student safety is and always will be the district’s top priority,” Hamm said. “The district will not tolerate any actions that jeopardize the safety of our students.”

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