Pamela Anderson: Animal Hottie

Pamela Anderson is known for two things: her rockin’ hot body and her incredible work for animals. Pamela Anderson, you’re one of the most generous celebrities on the planet. Let’s learn why!

Animal Rights

A lover of animals, Pamela helps support her fellow creatures in many ways. She is a vegetarian who supports vegetarianism. Pamela is one of the celebrities who has worked the most with PETA. She also works to protect one species in particular: the seal.

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In 1999, the company gave her the first Linda McCartney Memorial Award for animal rights protectors. In 2003, she stripped in support of the cause, saying the now famous slogan, PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur.” In 2006, Anderson posed naked in the windows of a Stella McCartney boutique in London to support PETA; basically, Pamela went inside the boutique – then hosting a fundraising gala – and then used her star power to boost funding by offering on the spot to go nude if the event raised enough money for PETA. It did, and then, a woman of her word, Pamela let it all show.

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Fighting the Colonel

She wrote a letter in 2001 to KFC about its treatment of chickens, using her celebrity status to draw attention to the plight of the chickens killed for the fast food chain. Five years later, in 2006, in order to get the Governor of Kentucky to remove a bust of Colonel Sanders that was on display, she offered to give the state of Kentucky her own bust. Later that year, she boycotted the Kentucky Derby for its support of KFC.

Seal Struggles

In 2006, she worked on behalf of Canadian seals, petitioning to speak to Prime Minister Stephen Harper about the annual seal hunt. She was refused but, undaunted, she continued in that same year to ask people on the street their opinion about the Canadian Seal Hunt. Three years later, the cause was still important to Pamela.

Posing for PETA

In 2009 she posed in a PETA ad wearing a tshirt with a seal on it asking the public to help support an end to “Canada’s annual seal slaughter.” POM, the makers of a fruit juice, also had to face Pamela when it was announced that they did animal testing. Pamela, outspoken wonderful model and actress that she is, started a boycott of the juice which achieved success: the company stopped its animal tests. In 2014, she stripped for a PETA ad.

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In 2005, Pamela Anderson became the face for another fight in addition, as a spokesmodel for MAC Cosmetic’s MAC AIDS Fund. The charity gives to those suffering from both HIV and AIDS. She traveled the world on behalf of the foundation, reaching out to funders in Toronto, Tokyo, Dublin, and Athens. She also is the celebrity spokesperson for the American Liver Foundation, through which she served as the Grand Marshal of its SOS motorcycle ride fundraiser.


Pamela Anderson, you were blessed with a beautiful body. Thank you for using it to give to those who can’t speak for themselves as well as helping attract attention to other noteworthy causes. Rock on, you beautiful thing!

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