One in Four Feds Threaten To Quit If Donald Trump Elected

Would you quit your job if you got a terrible new boss? What if he was in charge of not just you but the whole country? Results of a new poll are startling: 26 percent of federal employees who identify as Democrat or Democrat-leaning have recently come out with a pledge that they will quit their jobs if Republican nominee hopeful Donald Trump is elected to the Presidency. While this could be a startling conclusion to some, one Republican website is touting this as a great sign of progress for Trump. The site, Powdered Wig Society, is getting a lot of heat from this article and their response.

The right-wing site Powdered Wig Society praised the Donald Trump bashing by the employees vis-a-vis a “good riddance to bad rubbish” sentiment. The website said, “It will make shrinking the federal payroll much easier, as well as downsizing or abolishing altogether obsolete, unnecessary, and/or duplicate federal departments and agencies. A freeze on hiring and normal attrition will make the voracious monster we call our federal government finally go on a serious diet. I predict Trump’s first year budget proposal to Congress will be a balanced budget, spending not a red cent more than our tax revenue. The Donald is not on the job yet and already saving the country big bucks! Go, Donald!”

Agree? Disagree? Here’s the scoop on what they’re citing.

Government Executive, a trade publication for political activity, ran a study released on Jan. 27 about the feelings governmental employees have in the election in general. Questions ran the gamut, from questions on favored candidates to the more esoteric “If the following candidates were elected President of the United States, would you be more likely to feel proud, ambivalent, or embarrassed about this result?”

A very engaging question they asked was point-blank: “If Donald Trump is elected President, would you consider leaving the federal service?”

A full 14 percent of all federal employees who responded said a President Trump would definitely make them consider leaving federal service, with an additional 11 percent reporting it would “maybe” cause them to consider leaving the federal service.

Source: gawker

Democrats and Democrat-leaners were much more likely to leave than their Republican or leaning Republican counterparts. Only 8 percent of Republicans or Leaning Republicans responded positively to the position at all, and it was split between the yes and maybe responses evenly at 4 percent and 4 percent. However, the Democrats were far more liberally outspoken with 26 percent of Democrats or those leaning Democratic saying they would consider leaving the federal service while 16 percent said they would maybe consider leaving the federal service.

Less than half of the Democrats, 48 percent, said they would keep their jobs without even considering leaving, whereas in the republican camp, a whopping 89 percent would stick around for President Trump.

That the right-wing site had such an incredibly positive response to what shows really terrible news for the Trump camp is making the current series of debates an even hotter topic. Both sides are coming out and supporting their teams – to date, the incendiary article has been shared over 24,000 times.

For those wondering, among the Republicans surveyed, Trump was a clear winner among Republican candidates, with 32 percent to Ted Cruz’s 17 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio’s 12 percent, Ben Carson’s 9 percent, Chris Christie’s 7 percent, and Jeb Bush’s 6 percent. All other candidates combined shared 4 percent of the support. Sorry John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Sen. Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Jim Gilmore. Also, Democratic federal employees opted for Hillary Clinton at 51% over Bernie Sanders at 35% and Martin O’Malley with only 1%.

It is a point of interest that while they were both big winners for their respective parties, Clinton and Trump were also named as the most embarrassing candidate to have as a boss, with 49% and 59% respectively.

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