Most Perfectly Timed Photos In Sports

Look out! I'm comin' in hot!

This track and field event is every bit as intense as this picture would indicate. The world record holder is American Randy Barnes, who was able to launch it 23.12 meters. Incidentally, this is not him. But look how hard this guy is trying to be like Randy?! It’s common knowledge, the more intense your face, the further you will launch the little sphere. This guy may not have broken the world record, but he certaintly got his money’s worth.

Every track and field sport, from sprinting to the high jump to the long distance run, requires great adherence to tenacity. Since 776 BC track and field has been prevalent in one form or another. Initially it was only a footrace, then in later years it encompassed a disc throw, javelin throw, and wrestling. Shot putting has evolved steadily through the years in terms of throwing techniques. The biggest advances came after World War II, with the emergence of Parry O’Brien in the 1950’s who popularized the 180 degree turn we know today. This move is also known as the “glide.”