Kids React Hilariously to Donald Trump in Viral Video

Source: YouTube

Fine Brothers released a new web video on March 3, and it’s quickly gone viral. This newest video, “Kids React to Donald Trump,” is the latest episode in their REACT series, where kids, teens, elders, adults, even fellow YouTubers react candidly to topical news stories.

Typical videos include “Elders React to David Bowie” or “Elders React To Deez Nuts Vine Compilation”—and yes, they are quite popular, easily racking up over one million views apiece. This latest episode is also rapidly gaining shares. What do the kids think of Donald Trump’s speeches and ideas? Well, as learned in the popular television show “Kids Say The Darndest Things,” children have no qualms or pretenses about telling it like it is.

And these kids’ reactions to the Trump really run the gamut—though most seem to agree, like their parents, that he can be a terrible person when he opens his mouth.

Source: YouTube

Some of the older kids appear to be familiar with Donald Trump, but not with his rhetoric. They quickly recognize the much-advertised frontman of TV’s “The Apprentice,” and even know some of his trademark looks. One even talks to camera about his hair, a signature style of Trump that apparently has been even absorbed by small children as part of living in today’s American culture.

Yet, once the kids are shown clips of Trump speaking, this is where their fabulous reactions really take flight. They are shocked by the billionaire’s mannerisms and persona. And, in true childlike fashion, the results are adorable and hilarious, because they are honest and refreshing.

Take this interchange, for instance:

“We have leaders that don’t know what they’re doing,” Trump says during a campaign speech.

“Like yourself?” quips a sassy 8-year-old in response.

In another, Trump makes fun of a microphone in the middle of a debate.

A small boy’s response is just a face indicating he’s not having any of it as he verbalizes with, “Why are you talking about a microphone?”

“He’s like a 5-year-old!” one 12-year-old says immediately thereafter. “He throws tantrums about stupid things.”

At the 2:31 mark, one boy with braces can’t stop laughing at how over-the-top ridiculous these clips are, smiling as he watches a C-Span clip and exclaims, “He’s so mean!”

The Trump clips go from unbelievable to unbelievably rude. In one, Trump rudely cuts off and verbally attacks a female reporter, mocking her while she tries to interview the Republican candidate. After watching this clip, the confusion and sadness expressed by one girl echoes any adult hearing him speak to a fellow human being in this manner. She quickly notes that he shouldn’t be rude to a girl.

Still, some of the kids’ reactions are surprising.

Jaxon, age 12, knows the line “my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars” by heart. Another, seeing Donald argue in the middle of a debate, takes his side—saying that it’s not fair that no one will let him speak.

When the children are told that Trump is running for the presidency, that’s when they, across the board, adamantly say that they wouldn’t vote for him. They are horrified by rhetoric perceived as racist and have difficulty believing he’s actually a candidate.

It’s unclear whether any of the children were coached by parents or producers, but their apparent reactions can certainly shed some light on how the next generation may approach politics.

Though he’s become a polarizing candidate, Trump remains the Republican frontrunner both in terms of current delegate count and national polls. He’s largely surprised the GOP established by galvanizing support around promises to take a tough stance on immigration, reclaim jobs shipped overseas and adopt a more robust campaign against terrorist organizations like ISIL.

The field of Republican candidates has narrowed significantly in recent weeks, primarily due to the results of early primaries and caucuses. Trump now faces Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Source: YouTube

Here’s the clip from YouTube.