How an Apple Store Surprised a Young Boy Battling Cancer

Kids and errand runs don’t often mix well. But for this Tucson, Arizona, mom, her son’s surprise during a recent shopping trip to the Apple Store made her forget all about daily chores. The woman’s cancer-fighting, first grade son made friends with a store associate who in turn gave a special surprise to the mother.

Chase Lock is an 8-year-old first grader who’s been sick in the worst way possible. At the mere age of two, he was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer, CPC. To fight off this disease, the little boy went through quite a lot. He had surgery, six months of chemotherapy, and another two months of radiation treatment.

After the eight-month ordeal, his mother Angel was excited to see her son doing all the things kids are supposed to enjoy at that age, like going to school and making friends. It didn’t last very long; two years after the first round with this killer disease, Chase’s doctors discovered a second tumor. And so, this tiny tot is going back to war. It doesn’t discourage the shy little boy very much. He still goes everywhere with his mother and his sister. It was on one of these average daily errands that Angel and Chase would share a very special moment.

Angel took her son and his sister to the Apple store to run an errand. She left the pair working on homework at one of the tables in the store while she spoke to an employee. Ever the watchful mom, she saw an employee approach Chase out of the corner of her eye. She dismissed it in a quick glance – he was ok.

Angel’s conversation with the employee was soon interrupted by store manager Jason Greer.

“Excuse me,” Greer said. “I was actually hoping to speak with you.”

Angel initially feared one of her children had gotten into trouble, but then she looked more closely at Greer. What she saw was surprising: he had tears in his eyes and had clearly been moved.

Angel remembers how Jason began the conversation vividly, sharing the story on her Facebook page Pray for Chase:

“Jason told me that [and associate named] Vicki came to the back to find him in tears to tell him about my son Chase. She said that she was asking Chase about what he was doing and Chase said, ‘Oh I am working on my homework. I am in first grade, and I should be in second grade, but I was in the hospital for a year because I have brain cancer and I really want to make sure I make it to second grade next year.’ Jason said that it is stories like Chase’s that make him love his job because they love to make a difference. He asked if he could give Chase something, I was still in shock and said of course.”

Greer handed Vicki an iPod Nano that she could give to Chase. Vicki, her eyes still wet with tears, gave the device to Chase.

Vicki wasn’t the only one moved by the generous gesture.

“Chase is super shy so he gently said, ‘thank you.’” Angel said. “What they did not know is that Chase is OBSESSED with time, it is one of the ways he copes with the anxiety issues he has from his ‘hospital life.’ It is his way of knowing what will come next. In addition he loves music (Queen is his current favorite).”

Now Chase has something small that makes a big difference in his battle.

“Chase has spent ALL night checking the time on his Nano and singing ‘We Will Rock You,’” Angel added. “They absolutely made his week!!!!”

It’s the little things that matter. And in this case, the little things for little people.