Hospital cameras caught this angel saving a dying girl


Three quarters of Americans believe in angels, according to survey, so it’s not surprising why so many people are touched and delighted by this video of an angel seemingly saving a dying girl. Was she literally “touched by an angel?” Only you can decide, but the images look extremely convincing.

Colleen Banton thought her 14-year-old daughter Chelsea, who had struggled with medical problems her entire life, would not make her 15th birthday, which was just days away. Her big sister Kaylee was just as distraught, taking a photo with her younger sister because she genuinely thought it would be their last night together.

Banton, remaining ever hopeful, said it was her daughter’s “special birthday. It could be her last. She’s come this far. I’m not giving up now.”

Chelsea drifted off asleep as the whole family gathered together to grieve and say goodbye to their sister and daughter. Then, as if by a miracle, Chelsea suddenly woke up and seemingly began to improve. The doctors were baffled, but Banton was just overjoyed that her daughter was still with her.

“The doctors and nurses were all amazed,” Banton said in the video.

Later, when one of the hospital employees showed her a strange image of what he’d seen on the monitors, the astonished mother took a cell phone video of the image. But she didn’t need proof. She already knew in her heart what she had seen.

In the video, three bands of heavenly light appear on the hospital monitors. Administrators and doctors could offer no explanation, but Banton is not the only one who reported seeing something unexplained in the monitors. Hospital employees also reported seeing the image.

“It’s a blessing, it’s a miracle, and I’m learning not to take things for granted,” said the overwhelmed mother. “We’ve been praying for a miracle, and I think this is the beginning of it.”

Today, Chelsea has made a full recovery, even though medical evidence said she shouldn’t be alive to this day. She’s celebrating her birthday this Christmas surrounded by family and friends. But thanks to some quite possibly heavenly intervention, this birthday will be a joyous occasion indeed.