Why, Hollywood? WHY? Biggest TV Snubs of this Year’s Golden Globes

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It happens every year: come December, major studios and independent production companies alike start shoving jarringly over-the-top art-house films in the faces of audiences as they attempt to release movies right under the 2015 wire. All the while, those films that were released during the spring and lazy summer days of the year silently pray that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association remember they’re still breathing and award them a Golden Globe award (don’t worry – they would never forget you, Amy Schumer). However, when it comes to television, it’s an entirely different story, especially this year when we saw beloved shows come to an end (adios, Don Draper) while Netfilx managed to raise the bar, probably pissing off all other networks with their batting Jessica Jones eyes and Narcos build. Despite the obvious nominations, there were some blatantly glaring snubs that have bewildered TV audiences in the era of the binge. Let us count down the biggest television snubs of this year’s Golden Globe nominations.