Hilarious Airport Pickup Signs You’re Lucky Aren’t For You

We’ve all seen someone waiting at the airport for their loved one, proudly holding a handmade sign. Sometimes these signs are cute, sometimes these signs are embarrassing, and sometimes, these signs are downright mean. But at the end of the day, they do their job. The airport signs that you are about to see are a whole lot more creative than a simple piece of paper with a name on it — but you’ll be glad some of these signs aren’t for you!

It appears as though Simon and his girlfriend might have had a discussion in the past about her issues with him using a selfie stick. Looks like he promised to give it up for good but couldn’t bring himself to throw it away.

Now, she’s discovered the forbidden selfie stick hidden while he was gone and they’re going to have some serious problems. Simon’s stomach must have dropped when he walked out of the plane to see this sign waiting for him. Was it worth it Simon?