Man Blinded in Left Eye Gets Puppy Missing Left Eye

Friendships blossom in the rarest way. This statement is no exception for Jordan Trent and his new best friend, Shiner Solo, an Australian shepherd puppy.

I guess you can say this friendship was a long time in the making. We’re talking back since Jordan’s childhood, and well, the puppy’s birth.

Let me explain…

Jordan Trent was in middle school when he was working a job for his neighbor that consisted of weed-whacking, something generic that a young boy is expected to do. His day job turned into a mini-horror story when a shard of metal flew into Jordan’s eye.

Despite a countless number of surgeries, Trent was left blind in his left eye.

Fast-forward many years later when Jordan Trent, now a husband and father of two, was at his holiday party in Sulphur Bluff, Texas visiting his family of 22 members. Toward the tail end of the festivities, his sister, Kendra, decided to go on a spontaneous flea market trip and Jordan decided to tag along.

This is when fate started to work it’s magic for both Jordan Trent and soon to be Shiner Solo.

During the visit to the flea market, both Jordan and his sister saw that where there was once a litter of adorable Australian shepherd puppies, now stood only one lone ranger.

The puppy that was left behind was a mini spotted Australian shepherd and the kicker was that he was missing his left eye! Despite this, he still looked as cute as a button!


Kendra Trent was interviewing with the Huffington Post when she said that the puppy “was the last of his litter,” and that “no one wanted the dog”.

It is a good thing that Jordan and Kendra came along…Even if Shiner Solo was with the rest of his litter at the time of their visit to the flea market, bets are that Jordan would have picked the same puppy out. It is after-all the uncanny similarities between Jordan and the Australian shepherd that makes this story magical.

After getting the puppy, Jordan knew that the two were meant for each other. You know, it’s like a puppy love story. The entire family was bestowed with the gift of a brand new fur ball, and all twenty-two members of the Trent family adored the new addition.

Trying not to be greedy, Jordan’s sister, Kendra, decided to share the cuteness with the rest of the world. She took the first family photo of Jordan and Shiner Solo, and as any person would do, Kendra posted the picture on Reddit, “My brother, who only has vision in one eye, bought a dog that was only born with one eye that no one else wanted”.

The picture got over 1,800 comments and went viral.

In addition to going viral on Reddit, Shiner Solo also became Instagram famous. This cute pup now has his own Instagram account, if you need a little pick-me-up and dose of cuteness, you can look up “shiner_solo” on Instagram.

Getting the exposure was kind of expected—I mean, how adorable are the two of them! The new fame brought upon questions about the origin of Shiner Solo’s name. Jordan explained that the name was a hybrid of the Trent family’s favorite Texas beer, “Shiner”, and his son’s favorite Star War’s character, Hans Solo.

Voila! A puppy name is born.

If you are wondering about the bond that is forming between Shiner Solo and his new family, rest assured it is going really well. “He’s super sweet…He bounces instead of walks,” Kendra told the Huffington Post during an interview. Shiner Solo is also apparently very smart, and is a quick learner since he is already potty trained.

The ole’ time saying goes that dogs resemble their owners, and this adorable duo definitely does this statement justice.