GOP Candidates Holding Sex Toys Instead of Guns #GOPDILDO

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Source: Twitter

You can’t possibly be bored from the Republican party’s ever-theatrical primaries already. But just in case you’ve heard one vacuous gun-loving platitude too many, one man may have the key to what ails you.

The formula is simple enough. Matt Haughey finds pictures of Republicans holding guns, and he replaces the gun in said photo with a dildo. There’s probably all kinds of room for metaphorical interpretation, but—then again—the whole stunt is pretty funny just on the face of it. It’s even better when you juxtapose the politicians’ facial expressions with the phallic object of their admiration.

The 2nd Amendment doesn’t speak to the legal status of dildos, but—as a policy matter—they’re probably less dangerous than guns. And as a comedic matter, they’ve certainly proven far more hilarious.

Haughey has committed to continuing his prank until the election, and he’s already given us a remarkably diverse array of dildos. We’ve collected a sampling of all the GOP’s major players—and their favorite playthings.