Florida Car Mechanic Rescues Cat from Unlikely Place

A mechanic raised a car in a garage to begin his work, but heard a sound that was a far cry from the usual – a meow! He reached inside and pulled out a sweet cat who had run away from home. You have to see this sweet save which has already been shared over 57,000 times on Facebook alone thanks to the Florida mechanic’s shop, Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln.

Source: Youtube

Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln mechanics were the ones who found the cat.

“Our customer drove his vehicle in that morning to have it serviced and our techs heard a meow noise up next to the engine,” explained a mechanic. “That’s when our tech went to work and freed the cat. He then presented the cat to our customer and the first words out of his mouth were ‘That’s my neighbors cat’.”

Source: Youtube

“That cat was very lucky to survive this ordeal,” said a rep from Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln. “He was driven about 10 miles to our service center from his home. We had a couple of cold evenings so the cat sought shelter from the cold in the next door neighbors car.”

Source: Youtube

The car was damaged, but the good people at Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln fixed it free of charge, in honor of the little furry stowaway. This generosity and kindness over a little lost kitten comes as no shock to those who know the team at Gary Yeoman’s Ford Lincoln: last year, the team held an adoption event for local ARNI pet shelter, going so far as to pay for adoption fees, spaying, neutering, the first set of vaccinations and micro-chipping of all the adopted pets.

Can’t wait to see these wonderful folks save the sweet little kitty? Check out the full rescue here:

Pretty cute, huh?

A Special Note For Pet Owners At Home

The cat itself was very lucky! As you can hear in the video, it was found wearing its collar – a way they could have identified the cat had its neighbor not been present. However, it is not the most effective way of identifying and protecting your pet. According to Petfinder.com, a reputable website for adopting pets, the most effective way to guard your furry family is the simple process of microchipping.

Petfinder.com highly recommends the practice of microchipping, reporting that while only two percent of lost cats will be returned to their owners who are not microchipped, there is a twenty-percent higher chance of pets who are microchipped being returned to their rightful owners. The process itself is simple and relatively inexpensive: much like a routine vaccine, it is performed at your local veterinarian and is a quick injection in the loose skin behind the neck – yes, that area that mother cats use to carry their kittens.

In addition to microchipping, an extra precaution for the careful pet parent is the ever popular practice of invisible fencing, where the pet’s electric collar gives it a slight shock if it tries to leave the protection of a designated yard or play area. This keeps the pets from wanting to stray too far, and, if the pet is not compelled to run away in the first place, it will be much easier to keep them safe while at home with their favorite humans. At least, as long as they don’t feel like going for a ride on a cold day – as in this little furry stowaway’s case!