This Little Girl Fed Crows Since She Was a Baby, But She Never Expected Them To Do This.

A little girl in Seattle started feeding hungry crows when she was four. Now at the ripe old age of eight, she has a killer collection of gifts from the little winged pals.


Clumbsy Lunches Make Friends

It all started with a little girl who kept dropping food. At the time, four-year-old Gabi didn’t think much of it. After all, it was just an accident, a small one at that. Plus, hey! She was four. So when crows started eating what she had dropped, she paid it about as much mind as you would expect of a four year old: not much concern, just curiosity.


The birds in Gabi’s neighborhood were all crows. Now, while these birds themselves have a terrifying rep – a group of them is even called a “murder” – these birds were harmless, just after one thing: a free lunch. And they were smart cookies!

Gabi Gets Prepared

Because Gabi realized that the crows would eat her food, the girl started preparing for these events, letting the birds follow her to school and then dropping her packed lunches on the ground so the little winged buddies could eat. And feast they did. Little chef Gabi would mix in all sorts of food to make it taste better, even taking some of her dog’s puppy chow and adding it to the mix. Talk about some well-fed crows!


Smart Birds

Crows are known for being some of the smartest creatures on the planet. Seattle scientists discovered that the birds can remember human faces in a bizarre project. They caught seven of the birds and tagged them while wearing masks – horror movie ones to be precise, because it was funny! Well, the process of getting tagged is a bit traumatizing from a crow perspective. And it soon had consequences! Little did the scientists expect that now, when they wore the masks around campus in non-crow related activities, the crows would find them and dive bomb them. And not just that – they would bring friends along! It’s true: these smart birds can remember a face (as well as hold a grudge!). Not only that, but their memories are unparalleled. Crows have been known to change their entire travel plans when flying south for the winter based on whether they have had a problem with a certain farm or forest – if a crow is injured during the migration, the crows will rarely come back. They store the memories like a tiny, feathered Google maps of hidden history. So, in other words, in Gabi’s case…

Bird Word Spread

The birds soon started knowing all about this generous child who would give them treats. Everywhere she fed them – at the bus stop, leaving them peanuts, in her backyard, tossing kibble at them in makeshift feeding stations – the birds would be lined up and waiting. And they, in turn, decided to treat her back!


Presents for Gabi

They brought her baubles and trinkets. If it could fit in a bird’s mouth, it was brought to the little princess who had given them so much food and love. Gabi organizes and saves her favorites – among them things like lego blocks, buttons, zips.


Where It Goes From Here

Will the crows be coming by forever? Who can say. The only thing we know now is that there is a very special bond between a girl and some crows, and that for at least one little girl, the word murder isn’t scary at all.