Ellen’s Surprise for Deaf Mom Will Leave You In Tears

Talkshow host Ellen DeGeneres is known for her incredibly heartwarming guests and good-spirited surprises. Well, if you’re an Ellen fan, strap in: here comes a doozie. Ellen invited a young mom, Sara, to the program to show off her new implants that allowed the deaf young mother to hear for the first time. Then she announced some incredible news.

Source: YouTube

Born Hairless

Because of her DNA, Sara was born without the ear hairs that allow a person to perceive and interpret sound waves. Therefore, Sara, now a young mother of two, has been deaf most of her life. An avid reader and lover of the spoken word, she is noted for her ability to speak clearly with great annunciation despite this minor handicap – of being unable to hear the words themselves.

A Loving Mother-In-Law

Sara’s mother-in-law heard about an implant that would allow Sara to hear for the first time. Wanting to give her daughter-in-law this incredible gift came with a price: this loving mother-in-law cashed in her retirement fund to purchase the expensive implants – though she could only afford one. Each implant carried the hefty price of $30,000.

8 Incredible Days

For eight days prior to the taping of the Ellen show, Sara had her implant in. For the first time, she was able to hear the world around her. She chats with Ellen excitedly about hearing her children’s voices, other ends of conversations, even her husband’s snoring! (Though she says she could take or leave this part).

The Video

We don’t want to give away the surprise – so check out the video below to see what the incredibly generous host did for her guest. But make a note: you might want to have a few tissues handy.

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