Elderly Couple Helps Young Stranger Struggling with His Tie

What would you do if you saw a stranger struggling with a daily task—in this case, tying a tie—on the side of a busy commuter hub? For most people, the answer is simply observe – and if these “most people” are in a hurry, then barely even that!

In the case of one elderly couple, however, its response was different. They took the time to teach a struggling stranger how to get the tie just right. And in a way, they taught all the people around them how to be better people, too.

Atlanta, Georgia, has a busy train station called the Lindbergh Center MARTA station. Like other major metropolitan cities, this train station is a constant hub of motion and movement—people on the move, no time to stop and observe. It was in this busy environment that a young man seemed lost in the shuffle, struggling with a daily chore that many young men similarly face: just tying a tie.

An elderly woman noticed the young man’s difficulties.

“Do you know how to tie it properly?” she asked, according to the Facebook post that captured it all.

The young man responded, “No ma’am.”

In turn, she got her husband—an old pro—to show him the ropes. And sure enough, he learned how to tie a tie. After “a step-by-step tutorial,” the well-dressed gentleman demonstrated to his older new friend that he’d mastered the process, reportedly repeating it several times.


A man standing nearby and waiting for his train saw the whole thing happen. And this man, yes, the fourth person to come into this story, is the reason the story exists at all.

It’s as if the story itself spreading is a testament to the human experience. We can sometimes feel alone, isolated and without comfort. But often, life has a way of surprising us with the incredible nature of humanity to include, to welcome and to share.

Redd Desmond Thomas, that fourth guy who observed the event, is an avid fan of sharing upbeat photos. He tends to share inspirational pictures by one of his favorite heroes, Richard Branson—so much so that he has a whole album dedicated to uplifting and inspiring photos from the billionaire. Redd’s positivity is infectious—and probably part of why this story spread like wildfire. In fact, here are a few of his positive shares from his Richard Branson collection:

Source: facebook
Source: facebook

So, of course, Redd saw this act of kindness and shared it to his Facebook wall along with a picture he snapped of the couple. It went viral virtually overnight. In only three short months, it has been liked nearly a million times and shared over 228,000 times. Perhaps it’s because of the event itself, or perhaps it’s because of the way he tells it: in awe of how kind the act was and how very human it was.

It was never revealed who the couple were—or the young man, for that matter. It kind of feels better that way: they get to experience the gift of being symbols, as well as human beings. The trio can be anyone in need and anyone reaching out—not super humans, just super relatable and making kind choices. It’s good to know that good people are always out there—and even if we feel like we are struggling by ourselves – humans can surprise us, and we are not alone.

Source: facebook