Community Rallying to Support Beloved Homeless Ticket-Taker

Eric Glover Sr. has become quite the celebrity in his hometown Morristown, New Jersey. But he’s also encountered some difficult times, and his local community has responded accordingly—in a big way.

His claim to fame might not be what you think, though. Glover is a ticket-taker at the movie theater in Morristown, but he isn’t your average employee.

Most encounters with ticket-takers that aren’t with the beloved Eric Glover Sr. are downright transactional and boring. Glover, on the other hand, makes it his personal mission to ensure every customer that walks through his ticket line will go in with a smile.

Glover’s even adopted his own patented method at work: Whenever someone hands him a ticket, he makes “tick, tick, tick” noises that are meant to resemble a ticket machine. Then just for show, he exaggerates his every move while tearing off the ticket stub.

This guarantees that customers will be pleasantly entertained by their experience at the movie theater and that they will walk away with a smile.

The fact alone that Glover goes above and beyond to engage with his community and excel at his job is enough of a reason for everyone to love him.

This video below of him making his famous “tick, tick, tick” noises is enough of a reason to want to become best friends with him.

He even has a Facebook fan page created on his behalf, which is “dedicated to the coolest guy ever”. If having a Facebook fan page isn’t enough proof that he is well-loved, then have no fear, there’s more. Glover was given a 2003 Cadillac DeVille for his birthday by the local bar he used to bounce at.

Yes, you read that correctly: The average person gets a text message full of birthday emojis, but Glover gets a car!

Needless to say, he is a hit in Morristown, but despite all of his light-hearted humor and contagious personality, Glover fell on hard times.

A community member found out that Glover was homeless, and that he has been for the past ten months. Glover’s hours at the theater were cut, and soon enough he was living out of his car while showering at his cousin’s house.

His well-kept secret spread like wildfire, and soon enough a community member unexpectedly set up a GoFundMe page on Glover’s behalf.


The initial goal was to raise $50,000, but the goal was surpassed by $15,000. Community members even commented on the GoFundMe Page to show their support.

One community member even commented, “I have a spare room if he needs a place to stay. No one should be on the streets, especially this time of year.”

Another community member decided to leave a comment that explained why he donated for Glover’s cause, writing, “I donated because on my first date with my wife, Eric took my ticket, and made me smile. Then, hundreds of times, throughout my life, he did it over and over… For one single man, to rise up every day, despite his own troubles, and give a smile to the world every day he goes into it… that is a gift. It is a gift this man has given to thousands.”

All of the support Glover received from his community was overwhelming. He decided to make another YouTube video to show his appreciation for his support, “I want to appreciate the help I’ve been getting tonight, because I’ve been homeless now for going on ten months and all that stuff there and I really appreciate all the help everyone has been giving me”.


Well, there you have it, when times are tough for individuals, humanity actually can pull through for their neighbor.

We’re all rooting for Glover and his recovery from homelessness!