Cheeky the Horse Rocks Out to “All About That Bass”

Meghan Trainor made a catchy song when she recorded “All About That Bass.” Little did she know she made a song so bouncy that even this horse loves to dance along! The horse, Cheeky, lives up to his name as he dances around his barn in Worcestershire, United Kingdom, with his human friend and best dance partner, Emma Jones. The horse may be British, but the groove is universal. The pair even has a fan club named “Emma And Cheeky” on Facebook because of this video. So let me just check that off my checklist…

Yep: adorable! ✓✓

First, check out Cheeky, and get your groove on! Then head on down below to hear all about this tale!

All About That Horse

Excited to know more about that sweet Cheeky? Here’s a little horse-tery from Emma herself:

“Cheeky is an ex racehorse originally from Ireland. He came to me in March 2013 where I started schooling him to become a riding horse. He’s a very talented boy, came 1st in his first dressage test and 2nd in his first ‘racehorse to riding horse’ class which qualified us for the local championship. Cheeky has a massive heart and such a great character! He certainly lives up to his name! The video was taken on 20th September 2014, and within 5 days of being on Facebook reached over 14 million likes. We are overwhelmed with the response we have had, so we now have a page set up so I can share more of his funny moments for his fans to enjoy.”

All About That Song

Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” has been a dancy anthem for all those who have felt like outsiders or who just want to dance like nobody’s watching. That’s definitely the case for Dancing Man, the man who was body shamed in a viral video in May of last year. Dancing Man (aka Sean O’Brien) was recorded at a party held in his honor, and people on the Internet viciously attacked him for being overweight. He went on Good Morning America and he, too, danced to Trainor’s happy, peppy song, getting his groove back in a sweet, carefree, and healthy way. Here’s a clip of that in case you wanted to check it out as well:

All About Those Grooves

Animals love to dance to music! Cheeky may be one of the most well-known of the dance pack, but there are many furry and feathered friends who have been known to break it down.

Mimi: Disco Queen

Mimi the puppy has an international fan following because she loves to break it down in this, a disco John Travolta hit:

This viral video of the little white bundle of fluff dancing pressed against the pet divider in her kitchen been dubbed multiple times with many different songs. People just can’t get enough of Mimi shaking it! Work that tail, little puppy!

Tiki Bird Loves The Biebs!

This little African Gray proves the urge to dance is irresistible, no matter whether you have arms or your arms are, well, wings! This sweet bird that looks like a cross between a parrot and a parakeet loves dancing to the Justin Bieber pop song “What Do You Mean?” He bobs his head in time to the music. Thank goodness actress and comedienne Bridget Fitzgerald shared this little ray of sunshine with the world on her Vine. It’s just the best bird dance since… well, since ever!

May all these happy videos remind you it’s always a fun time to dance it out, no matter who you are! Enjoy!