Can You Believe That These 40 Women Really Exist?

Every lady wants to be special and be noticed, but some of them are either born with incredible gifts or have gone to great lengths to earn it. To show you all the wonders of the female world, we present here the 40 girls who seem like they’re more out of a storybook. You will meet the woman who can speak 8 languages and swallow 29-inch swords, as well as ladies who did scary things to modify their bodies. How about the real-life Rapunzel who has to have a person carrying her hair around? It’s time to be amazed.

Yoked Barbie

You thought only men lift weights all the time? Well, think again. Julia Vins developed a love for working out when she was just a little kid. Now, at the age of 20, she is an international fitness star with over 300 thousand followers on Instagram. In her hometown of Engels in Russia, she started shooting workout videos. With a physique many men would be envious of, people started calling her Ripper Barbie, because she has a beautiful face, too. According to Julia herself, she works out 7 days a week!