Boy Born Deaf Hears Dad’s Voice for First Time at Age 3


Grayson Clamp was born into a world of total silence. He was born without the auditory nerves that carry sound from the inner ear to the brain, leaving him without the ability to hear. Slowly Grayson learned sign language from his parents and was able to communicate with them and those around him, but he was still unable to speak as a result of his deafness. Grayson was beginning to understand that he was different from other children his age.

His doctor visits usually entailed a thorough ear inspection and many cat-scans to see the inside of his brain. At age three the Doctors who were caring for Grayson performed a surgery and implanted a special microchip on the base of Grayson’s brain allowing him to hear. The surgery had not been tried on children in the US prior to Grayson, though in Europe the microchip is approved for children. After the surgery Grayson, his father and the team of doctors and scientists involved with his surgery gathered in a small room as Grayson would hear his father’s voice for the first time in his life.

His reaction, as you will see in the video below, is one that will make your heart burst with happiness. Grayson, not understanding what “I love you” means, still understands that it is something good and that it is coming from his father who is holding him in his arms. The doctors and scientists on Grayson’s team believe Grayson will be able to talk just like kids his age in just a few years. Given how young he is, he will learn to speak at a fast rate. It is still unclear if Grayson can hear everything or just certain tones and sounds as he grows accustomed to his brand new ability to hear his surroundings.

His father Len said of the successful surgery, “It was a huge sense of relief for me, just overwhelming. Seeing it work was the culmination of a long journey.”

In the weeks following the surgery Grayson has started making sounds and thoroughly enjoys music. “He needs to experience as much sounds as possible to get used to them and associate them with an object,” Len added.

It is absolutely amazing how far technology has come and how much this surgery has helped Grayson and his family, giving the little boy a new and different perspective on life.