Adorable Lullaby Successfully Puts Bull Terrier to Sleep

Source: YouTube

A little lullaby works magic to put this big bull terrier to bed. As seen in this adorable viral video, the dog’s mom uses a sweet lullaby to coerce her dog Tia to go to bed. And it’s stealing American hearts left and right with each eyelid droop. Check it out then scroll down for more heartwarming deets!

Tia is a 5-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier cross breed. Tia’s owner (who sings in the video) said, “Both myself and Prakash have owned her since she was a 6-[week]-old puppy.”

The owners (the singer and Prakash) are roommates. They share the responsibilities of raising Tia.

The mom, once scared of dogs, said she used to be unable to go near them at all. But, she happily admits, “Tia changed that. I became very fond of her, and mothered her like a child! Prakash on the other hand is more disciplined and stricter.”

She calls it a “good cop / bad cop routine”, and apparently, this has worked to keep the big dog in line for all aspects of her life – well, except for one big one: bed time! So, that is where this lullaby comes from: Tia’s human mom would “often let her sneak into my bed, cuddle up next to her and sing her a lullaby until she fell asleep. I did this a lot when she was younger.”

Well, whatever works! All parents of babies, both human and otherwise, can agree that bedtime is a must—by any means necessary.

Fast forward to now: Tia, all grown up at the ripe age of 5, is sitting on a sofa, wide awake in the afternoon.

But old habits die hard, and as the mother explains, “From the video you can see Tia was fully wide awake, and within seconds of hearing my voice and the recognized lullaby she instantly fell asleep to the point where she started snoring minutes later! That’s the connection between me and Tia, the dog’s mother I guess!”

Source: Youtube

Too cute to handle, right? And, before you even have to ask, here’s the adorably British lyrics to this little ditty in case you wanted to try with your pup at home. Check it out:

“Honey Bunny”

You’re my honey bunny (skittum skittum skittum) / You’re my pumpkin pie
And mummy loves you / And mummy needs you
You’re mummy’s jiggly pie

You’re my honey bunny (sugar bom bom!) / You’re my jiggly pie
And mummy loves you / And mummy needs you
You’re mummy’s jiggly pie

Does the lullaby’s melody sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard it before: the song sung here is actually an adaptation of a lullaby that itself became famous on YouTube! That’s right, the cutely named “The Cuppycake Song,” recorded in the early 90s, can still be seen on the video sharing platform. Here’s a deep cut by the (at the time) nearly 4-year-old Amy Castle for her mom:

Wondering where Amy Castle is now? Well, she is a busy young actress! She had a brief stint on “Passions,” “General Hospital” – even played Young Ally on “Ally McBeal!” Currently, she’s got her own Youtube channel named “SandCastleInc” where she uploads YouTube Videos on the regular.

So, whether you’re singing to a sweet old dog or to a sweet young mom, this lullaby is super cute, and something you should definitely pass around to a friend who’d enjoy it. I am gonna go do that now. BRB.