10 Popular But Scary Street Vendor Foods From Around the World

10.Pani ca Meusa From Sicily

Source: Pinterest

This sandwich may look like slices of beef, but that would be an incorrect assumption. Pani ca meusa is sold mainly by street vendors in Palermo, Sicily. The direct translation for “pani ca meusa” is “bread with spleen.” Yes, you read that correctly—spleen. However, there is more to this sandwich than just spleen. It is made of both the lung and spleen from veal. These organ meats are first boiled and then fried in lard. Next, the meat is put between two pieces of soft bread. In addition to the organ meats, some people choose to add ricotta cheese to the sandwich. There are other people who choose to keep their sandwich pure and just enjoy the organ meats, as is, only squeezing a bit of fresh lemon juice over the meat.