Wife Unloads on Mistress Who Slept with Cheating Husband—See the Viral Facebook Post

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Source: diply.com

It’s an unbelievable Facebook post of one wife who can’t even – yet does! – when her husband comes back with bite marks. Read and check out this sassy post of one soon to be ex-wife on the edge!

Facebook Wife’s Response Goes Viral

A wife discovered bite marks on her husband’s neck and then turned to Facebook, the great equalizer, to voice her response to the mistress’s attack on her marriage. It went incredibly viral! Why? Well, two main reasons:

A) It’s Facebook

Facebook is the starting line for many cheaters. In a 2015 report published on “Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking,” Facebook is noted as a great breeding ground for cheating spouses because it allows the cheaters in question to reconnect with old flames.

B) More Than 1 In 5 Husbands

The University of Chicago, released a heartbreaking statistic: the college announced its findings, that 22 percent of married men have cheated on their spouses. So when this story came out, not only did it strike a chord, it struck it with a lot of people who wish they would have had a response when they, too, were in a similar situation.

The Post Itself

Dying of curiosity now? Here’s the post. Check it out for yourself:

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