Up On the Catwalk: Hanging Out Backstage With Male Models

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Fashion week was held in New York City (as usual) and is quite often an occasion on which a majority of plenty famous celebrities flock around in order to see the newest fall line (if it’s spring) or the new spring line (usually held in fall). This year was no different.

Some of the most elegant cities around the world host their own fashion weeks from the fashion capital of the world (Paris), to London, Milan, and Buenos Aires. Celebrities travel from all over just so they can learn what’s hot and what’s not. However, when someone utters the words “fashion show,” chances are the image that forms in one’s mind is that of a Victoria Secret runway-like atmosphere with leggy women in high heels, strutting elegantly down the catwalk.

A-Listers stopped by to take a peek at the line the models were sporting. One may not realize that hours and hours go into prepping for the actual show itself, even with the models likely only strutting the catwalk for five minutes. Nevertheless, it’s still a kick to sit in the middle of the storm and soak in all the gorgeousness.