Toddler Falls Asleep on Toy Train, Viral Cuteness Ensues

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Think you’ve seen everything cute? Wait till you see this little one fall asleep on her toy train. Vivienne, 14 months old, fell asleep on her baby brother’s train, and we are absolutely delighted and lucky someone videotaped the whole thing. Thankfully, the story got picked up on Reddit, and the buzz brings it to you here today! Scroll down for the video or read along to get the full scoop!


Andy Hoeing wasn’t surprised that the tiny Vivienne loved her older brother’s train set. She had been playing avidly with the little electric train for a while. It was such a comfortable scene that he felt fine popping out for a second to check on work, noting in the video’s description, “She knows how to mount and dismount, etc., so I wasn’t worried when I went into the other room to respond to a work email.”

However, when sounds of her playing were replaced with sounds of just the train itself, he suspected she might be up to no good.

Andy emerged to check in on the quiet den and saw a sight he was not expecting. He was pleasantly surprised to find her not up to any dastardly deeds at all. Rather, the young Vivienne rested her head on the toy train and – with the gentle rocking of the electric engine itself, mixed with a gentle loop around the living room, plus the whirring noise of the little engine in motion – it all proved too much for her! It was a perfect storm for nap time. We’ve fallen asleep for less as adults! And so, the wee little conductor simply fell fast asleep.


As any good parent would, Andy quickly – and as quietly as possible – took out his phone to take a video of what looks like the cutest train ride ever. A Reddit user picked up on the video, shared it in the aptly named “Aww” forum, and the tot’s peaceful parade quickly went viral on the popular site. It became the source of a sort of pun fountain, with users quipping: “She ran out of steam,” “Someone give her a blanket, she might get coaled,” or “Why not just train her to go to bed when she’s tired?”

Some Redditors just took the spirit of the Aww forum it was posted to heart, gushing about how cute it was, as one who says nimbly: “Her little feet slowly moving with the chugging of the train is the best part.”

It looks like this, the littlest railroad tycoon that could, might just be the cutest caboose this side of the Rio Grande. It also looks like she isn’t alone; there are several other youtube stars you can check out after this video if you are so inclined!


Wondering what kind of train it is so you can get one for your little one at home? It’s the Imaginarium 6V Express Train which you can find locally relatively easily. It comes with 23 feet of train track and boasts both forward and reverse modes, a headlight, smoke-like vapor, plus three train sounds – though you shouldn’t use any if your toddler is napping like this little engineer that could.


Check out the full video here! Enjoy!