Times “Grey’s Anatomy” made you go WTF

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ABC’s hit medical drama is in its 12th season and shows no signs of slowing down… weirdly enough because oh, ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE CHARACTERS WHO STARTED THE SHOW are gone or dead. Yes, dead. In the freaking ground, cold dead. So, if you’re a fan of title character Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and her rag-tag team of anxious friends, and you’re only into season five, then stop reading now because you’re going to be severely bombarded with spoilers over the dome. If not, or you have no intention of watching the show, you’re not only missing out on life, but you’re behind on the water cooler talk about one of the most emotional shows on television today. The show was created by life-force Shonda Rhimes and revolves around a Seattle based hospital (that’s changed its name more times than I’ve changed pants in the last month) and follows the ups and downs of Dr. Grey – a former jumpy and moody surgical intern who accidently nailed her attending at a bar the night before her first day at the hospital. And yes, we’re off to a great start. But in the show’s 12 seasons, there has been more than a hefty share of “what the f**k was that?” moments – from bizarre and unusual deaths of main characters, to characters that we’ve never even seen before that we’re suddenly supposed to care about, to…. Singing. Yes, singing. Here, we’ll take a handful of WTF episodes and throw them back in the face of Shonda with a few question marks attached.