This Sloth Tried to Cross a Highway in Ecuador

The little sloth that could: it’s the story of a little – and very slow! – thrill-seeker: an Ecuadorian sloth tried to make it through a busy highway and had to be rescued this week. Check out the full tale here and the cute pics below!

New Road, New Visitor

Quevedo, Ecuador, recently opened a new motorway, and they had a very unexpected first visitor: a little sloth! Here he is after he made it halfway through the road – and then clung to the nearest tree-like formation: the stiff metal crash barrier.

Clinging Like His Life Depended On It – Which It May Have!

Officers came upon the little slow mover here – their guess is that he got halfway across the road and couldn’t bring himself to go further. Because sloths move at their absolute fastest at what most would categorize as a leisurely stroll of six feet per minute, the highway’s speeds could have very easily overwhelmed him.

Like Old Dogs And New Tricks

Sloths rarely move for new reasons – they cling to their trees for a week at a time. They typically only climb down to leave their branches once a week to empty their bowels, and usually in the same spot. So that this little guy was in a road at all meant it probably cut through his old path.

Clear To Go: Move Along!

The officers who found the sloth had him checked out by a local veterinarian before they released him back into the wild. So – a little shaken up – he went back to his old life good as new, having had a very special adventure.