This Baby Can’t Get Enough Love and Affection from His Pugs

This baby can’t stop giggling when all the pugs give him kisses! Over one million people have checked out this adorable video called “Cute Baby Laughing at Pugs.” Check it out and then scroll down to read some more about this whole pug and kiss party!

Little Baby Louie has a few best friends—most of them are adorable pug puppies! His mom captures all the adventures on his Youtube channel, “PugsNKisses 84.” What does the “84” stand for? Not sure, but if it’s anything like we suspect, it may be the number of adorable pug baby combo videos you can see on the channel. If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing a cute baby and even cuter pug puppies join forces, chances are that Baby Louie has it covered. Don’t believe it? Just listen to some of these titles:

“Baby Louie getting the crumbs cleaned up by the pups”

“Baby Boy excited by pug!”

“Panda baby and pug baby playing :)”

And of course, the classic and simple:

“Baby Louie and his pug puppy friend”

You may at this point be asking yourself, “Is there an Instagram?”


Scratch that. You are right, you’re totally right, you’re 100-percent right, and now you get to see it.

Alert: Adorable Instagram Fun Ahead

Let’s do this the fun way! Let’s do a couple of pug / baby questions.

What happens when you put two bags of pug food down while you put up the groceries?

The pugs love the 1st of each month! It can only mean one thing! Dog food stock up! Thank you @devotedpetfoods 🐾❤️

A photo posted by 💝Pugsnkisses84💝 (@pugsnkisses84) on

All dogs are allergic to chocolate, but some owners still feed them chocolate. Why?

Pretty please! 🐾💞

A photo posted by 💝Pugsnkisses84💝 (@pugsnkisses84) on

The clothes all shrunk in the wash! Could it be the work of… this gang?

And if you want pug / baby merch, you are in luck!

Louie fans can check out pug-themed merch on his homepage by local artists including holiday cards featuring cute little pug faces. It truly is a bonanza for this niche market, at least for the small amount of people who may be into puppies or babies or both. Wonder who those folks could be.

Gotta go buy a pug card. BRB.

Back! With History on this Phenomenal Baby / Puppy Situation

Not even one year old, Louie is the cutest thing to come out of Scotland since boys in plaid. In fact, over 37,000 people watched Baby Louie and his pug-based frolicking adventures on his many outlets—the YouTube, the Facebook, and the Instagram accounts, all called “pugsnkisses84.”

Thank goodness his parents understood how vitally cute he and the puppies are! Could you imagine a world where instead of this series of videos and photos we had to, gasp, just watch cats and tweens?


His mother Lynne said, “Some other mums frown at me for letting him near the pugs and dogs, but he’s been next to them since a day old.”

And it’s very true: on their homepage, Lynne tells visitors that the pugs came first, and then they were blessed with a young Louie to play with.

While the Instagram account was made just over two years ago, it wasn’t until Louie came along that the entire site really took off. In an interview published on Huffington Post, Lynne credits a very advanced baby Louie who is surprisingly both playful and respectful of the little dogs, more so than the average baby. She notes that Louie’s “hand-eye coordination is fantastic. He pats the pups gently and really gets excited when he sees them.”

Is all this a little too much for the family? Well, according to Lynne, “I’m just a little lady from Scotland, U.K., with a love of her son and her dogs. It’s a bit mad!”