The Stanford Band Is Apparently Composed of Unlikeable Jerkwads

So, now that the 2016 Rose Bowl has come to a close and Stanford showed the world that running back Christian McCaffrey is a sure-fire stud who broke the Rose Bowl record with 368 all-purpose yards as his No. 6 school completely dismantled the No. 5 Iowa 45-16. But is that what everyone is talking about? Well, not exactly.

Apparently, every year that Stanford goes to the Rose Bowl, their marching band is found to be composed of a bunch of trolling weasel tarts. They did it in 2013 and 2014. And guess what! THEY TOTALLY AND UTTERLY DID IT AGAIN.

The Cardinal marching band apparently serenaded Iowa with the jingle as they formed the face of a very depressed farmer, paraded a cow around (yes, a cow), and banged on a bunch of kitchen sinks and skateboards (what the hell?). Quite naturally, Iowa fans booed.

So it wasn’t bad enough that McCaffrey and his teammates humiliated Iowa on the field, they had to humiliate the fact that Iowa is composed primarily of farming communities? ESPN even chose to cut away from the halftime show after Iowa started booing them off the green.

Oh, and yes, they did end up tipping the cow.