The Hilarious Scam Two Guys Used to Get a Free Movie Ticket

Financial times are tough for struggling youngsters, but these two best friends learned how to beat the system. Bo Johnson and Mathew decided that paying for two movie tickets to see Avengers: Age of Ultron just wasn’t right, so they decided to get a two-for-one deal.

The way they went about this was a bit unconventional, to say the least. Instead of relentlessly searching the Internet for “buy one get one free” deals, they decided to morph into one person.


Yup, a bit strange, but struggling youngsters will do what they have to do! Bo and Matthew found the perfect outfit and then played dress up. An oversized tracksuit and big t-shirt did the trick—now they just had to figure out the best way to look believable.

At first, they tried to do the piggy back approach, but they ended up looking like the “Hunchback of Norte Dame.”


They changed their approach a bit, and they did a front piggy back instead.This left Bo looking like he had a big-bulged stomach, but much to their surprise, it looked real.


Bo then practiced perfecting his walk and talk. Matthew clung onto Bo, and Bo exhibited extreme core strength while Matthew was holding onto him for dear life.

Bo stared into the camera, and with his most serious attempt, he rehearsed the one line he would say to the ticket salesman: “We’d like one ticket for the Avengers, please.”

A muffled voice, which was Matthew, asked him “What do you mean, ‘We?'”

Clearly, Bo needed some work before he was ready for the real deal.

After a long preparation, and a few failed attempts, the two were finally able to see if their master plan to save $9.75 at the movie theater would work.

All the while, a friend was fortunately recording their hilarious journey. The two were unassuming as they walked into the movie theater with one friend by their side as another friend recorded.

When they approached the ticket salesman, Bo just looked like an awkwardly overweight man. Even if the ticket salesman had concerns, he certainly didn’t express them. The salesman went on to ask them if they had a Regal card or if they would donate to charity. They predictably declined. Having snuck into a movie theater in a bid to save a little money, an extra dollar toward charity clearly wasn’t in the budget.

The two were surprisingly able to hold back all laughter while purchasing their ticket, and much to their surprise, their master plan worked.


After the small victory, they waited a bit before finally changing back to their normal selves in the elevator.

Their video, which was posted on YouTube on Jan. 29, has already attracted over two million views.

Bo also posted the video on Reddit recently, and it’s racking up the comments with nearly 3000 supporters, some of whom have claimed to have snuck into movie theaters before.

According to Reddit comments, this master plan was executed at the theater in the Seattle NorthGate Mall. Other comments also noted that the ticket salesmen at that theater are quite the sticklers, so Bo and Matthew’s victory was even more impressive in context.


Bo and Matthew already seem like they are headed toward success, and if anything, they can start a bonafide YouTube tutorial on how to get away with anything. It looks like their plan to save money at the movie theater might just turn into a future career as YouTube sensations.