Sting: The Rainforest Hero

Sting is a world-famous singer and musician. He also is a super charitable giver who has been honored across the globe for his work, even having a frog named after him! True story! Let’s check out a little bit about Sting.


Sting and his wife Trudie Styler co-founded The Rainforest Foundation to save South American rainforests. Because of the growth and success of the institution, it now has four branches – namely one in the UK and one American – which helps manage its global conservation efforts.

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Each year, Sting plays a benefit concert to gain funds.

He even had a Colombian tree frog, Dendropsophus stingi, named after him because of his efforts in rain forest conservation.


Source: Wikipedia

Auctions for the Rainforest

In order to raise funds for the Rainforest Foundation, there is an annual ’12 Days of Christmas’ eBay auction with Christmas cards made by celebrities and other incredibly generous donations by friends and patrons. British comedians Stephen Fry and Michael Palin are among the celebrities who made cards this year. In addition, stars give graciously in luxury items like opening up Sting’s own home for a one day, once-in-a-lifetime visit.

The Carnegie Hall Show For The Rainforest

Twice a year, Sting holds a fundraiser at Carnegie Hall. The lineup is incredible! Stars that take part include Kevin Spacey, Paul Simon, James Taylor… even Dionne Warwick comes out to support the great cause!

Sing A Song for Charity

In 1981, he performed in his first charity concert, the Secret Policeman’s Other Ball. Sting sang Band Aid’s notable “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” single; he also performed at the first Live Aid concert in 1985. The following year, he was the headliner for Amnesty’s Conspiracy of Hope tour, and performed again for them in 1988 for the Human Rights Now! tour. In 1988, he wrote a single, “They Dance Alone,” to bring light to a terrible political situation in Chile, “they” being the family members of those taken by the militant Pinochet regime. He has performed in countless benefit concerts, from Don Henley’s Concert for Walden Woods, Live 8, even Toronto’s One Night Live concert in 2009 alongside Sheryl Crow, the show benefiting Sunnybrook Hospital’s High Risk Mothers and Babies Center.

Sting’s kindness is something that he has proven time and time again with generous acts and donations. He is definitely a super giver, indeed.

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