Social Experiment Shows Bystanders Help ‘Veteran’ Who Can’t Pay for Groceries


What would you do if you were standing behind a veteran in line at the supermarket and an ex-soldier was unable to pay for his food? Would you step in to help or would you let the situation unfold without interfering?

In this clip from “What Would You Do?” an actor plays the part of a veteran who cannot pay for the food on his list. He has baby food, baby formula, diapers and other items suggesting a household family list. The cashier, also an actress then informs him that his credit card is declined. The man posing as an ex-soldier tries to pay with cash but realizes he is short.

The truly amazing part?

All those who were standing behind him in each take of this clip offer to help even when they don’t have enough money themselves. One good samaritan even scrapped metal to pay for his groceries, yet still offers to help the veteran. Another woman puts one of her items back to be able to help the man. Others offer to pay his entire bill.

This video will truly amaze you with the kindness and support these strangers show in trying to help the actor playing a military man. All of them are saddened by the fact that he’s unable to pay for basic necessities and—more importantly—unable to pay for the things his family and baby needs. This skit testing people’s reactions will truly make you proud to be human, showing true non-judgmental selflessness and support, mankind coming together to take care of one of its own. The video might even move you to tears as people both prosperous and less fortunate step in to help this veteran purchase what he needs for himself and his family.