Sleepy Piglet Springs to Life at Chance to Go Outside

Most people enjoy babies of all types, whether it is human babies, puppies, kittens, lambs, or even little critters like bunnies and hamsters.  It could be that babies touch a soft spot in us because they are so innocent and trusting. Both human babies and animal babies come into the world unafraid and full of curiosity. They are happy and only want to play, even when they are tired.  Babies of all types fight sleep and do everything in their power to stay awake, as if they do not want to miss one moment of anything.

Take for example this adorable little piglet. He was under a bunch of wood shavings looking very snuggled and warm.  He even had a cozy heat lamp above his bed to keep him warm and toasty.

As he is sleeping peacefully, his human mom enters the room and says, “It’s me, do you want to go outside”? At the very moment this little piglet hears his surrogate mother’s voice, he springs to life.  He begins to loudly squeak, and oink, and jump all over in a tizzy. He cannot wait to be let alone be with his “mom” and to have a chance to get out of his box and play.

These images and the video below help to illustrate how strong the bond between a baby and its “parent” can be, regardless of the species. Right now, this little piglet has no idea his mother is “a human” or that he is a “pig.” He just hears the voice of someone who has been showering him with love and attention, and he knows there is nothing he would rather be doing, including sleeping, than be with his “mom.”

Perhaps, we can all learn something from this little piglet about love and devotion. The video below shows just how excited this little piglet gets when he hears the voice of his human mom.