Sit As Far Away From These Airplane Passengers As Possible

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Long gone are the glamorous early days of air travel, when well-heeled passengers decked themselves out in three-piece suits and pearl necklaces to fly the friendly skies, sipping champagne and chomping on big cigars (those days didn’t last that long). Nowadays, airlines are cutting back on everything to save a buck–and likewise, passengers are treating the skies like a flying bus. Disgusting behaviors you wouldn’t tolerate at home–everything from clipping toenails to joining the mile-high club–are now everyday occurrences in flights either local or transatlantic. It’s almost enough to make you want to cancel your ticket. Sick and tired of dealing with all of these airborne annoyances? Travel by boat. You won’t save money or time, but you will be a lot more sane. Here are the 12 worst airline passengers to sit near.