Rape Advocate Daryush Valzadeh Cancels Meetings, Holds Bizarre D.C. Presser

Notorious misogynist Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh held a secretive press conference on Feb. 6 in which he declared himself the “most hated man in the world.”

Invitations to the Washington D.C. event went out just two hours in advance, and, of course, included no women. Roosh, who has been in hiding since he cancelled more than 100 men-only “tribal gatherings” last week, arrived with burly bodyguards.

At the conference, he again stated that he does not advocate rape, although under the guise of “personal responsibility” he continues to blame the victim. The anti-woman blogger also insists that he lives “in Europe,” not in his mother’s basement, as has been reported by the Metro and Daily Mail.

Reporters who attended the event say that Roosh seemed paranoid and defensive, claiming he is the victim of a media conspiracy.

He also endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Roosh is infamous for his “neomasculine” blog “Return of Kings,” as well as a series of books in which he claims to have had sex with women around the world.

This week, he has reportedly been in hiding in the aforementioned basement.

Virtually all of 36-year-old Roosh’s writings are little more than hate-filled rants against women. He insists women are insane and incapable of making their own decisions and tells his followers that “no” really means “keep trying.”

He and his small band of adolescent supporters were largely ignored by mainstream society until he wrote a blog post advocating the legalization of rape on private property.

The response to that was predictably negative.

Most people do not like the idea of lawful violence against more than half the population. Imagine that. Dozens of blogs and news articles were published, holding Roosh up as the poster boy for all things wrong with the so-called “men’s rights” movement.

At first, Roosh loved the attention. He planned 166 simultaneous “tribal meetings” of likeminded men in 43 countries around the world for Feb. 6, where they could all sit around hating women together.

Then, he didn’t love the attention quite so much.

He tried to weasel out of his rape comment by saying it was just satire, but journalists quickly pointed out that it wasn’t the first time he had promoted violence against women.

In one passage from his book “Bang Iceland,” for example, he describes having sex with a very drunk woman: “In America, having sex with her would have been rape, since she legally couldn’t give her consent … but I can’t say I cared or even hesitated.”

The more closely Roosh’s words were examined, the more offensive they became.

Roosh was beginning to really, really dislike the attention. He had created a small world for himself that was populated with other haters like him. Perhaps he had become so isolated that he didn’t realize just how nutty his worldview had become.

In particular, he was very offended that female writers would dare to criticize him.

He retaliated by starting what he called “Operation Bullhorn” on his blog. His followers were asked to “adopt” a journalist who had written negatively about Roosh, and post her personal information on the forum, including photos, employer, city of residence, and Facebook or Twitter URLs.

The Internet giveth, and the Internet taketh away.

Hacktivist group Anonymous posted Roosh’s personal information on social media, and he was deluged with threats through email and voicemail. Some of the messages said Roosh would be “shot or stabbed.” One said, “We will kill you if you come to our city.”

When he called the police to complain about the threats, a photographer was there to capture the moment for all of us as Roosh opened his mommy’s front door, looking disheveled in a sweat stained T-shirt and shorts.

Such a macho, macho man.

Roosh cancelled his meetings, saying he feared for the safety and privacy of his supporters. Many local authorities had notified him that he wasn’t welcome, and in nearly every country protesters were planning on attending the anti-woman gatherings. He seemed particularly concerned about the involvement of a female boxing organization, a group he both reviles and fears.

Sounding bizarrely naive, Roosh told police he hadn’t expected the angry backlash.

Roosh has hired security and not emerged from his mother’s home since the photo was taken.