John Cena: Surprise Giver

John Cena is easily one of WWE’s best-known wrestlers. He is a cherished celebrity, a warm face, and an illustrious bodybuilder known for his surprises in the wrestling ring. His catchphrase is “You Can’t See Me.” He even has an internet meme, with fans all over the world creating videos where he pops out of unexpected places in re-edited films and television snippets.


Wrestling Claim To Fame

Few wrestlers are the worldwide phenomenon that John Cena is. He has the kind of strength that has won belts over and over, has graced magazine covers – he’s got catchphrases like “Never Give Up” and “You Can’t See Me.” You can even see a history of his personal shirts that WWE made (we love his Rise Above Hate shirt).



But it’s how he surprises children that is our highlight today: John Cena’s surprise Make-A-Wish visits.


This wrestler is practically a genie. He has granted over 500 wishes for children, more than any other celebrity. The philanthropic group even gave him two awards for this, the first as special recognition after he became the first to grant over 300 wishes in 2012, then later, their esteemed Chris Greicius Celebrity Award.

Over 500 times. I’m sure that some of us have friends we wouldn’t even see five hundred times if they asked us to. But it’s what John Cena does to bring joy and comfort to those in need.

To really get to understand the Cena charitable contribution, we’re gonna have to go to some video and see the man lay the drop down on some unsuspecting children. Here are some of those wishes coming true.

Look at the joy in this boy’s eyes when John Cena surprises him:

You might not even have realized, but John Cena even travels the globe, like a wrestling Santa Claus, to do these Make-A-Wish visits. Here he is in Australia surprising a child with cerebral palsy:

And here’s a special visit, his 500th visit:

As if this isn’t enough, he even showed up to volunteer for an additional cause – breast cancer – serving as 2014’s Grand Marshal for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.


John Cena, you’ve gotten the drop on many wrestlers, but it’s those special surprises that have made you an incredible, generous man. Thank you for what you do!


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