How to Block Annoying Memes on Facebook

Anyone with a Facebook account has seen this type of posting on their page. All of us who use Facebook have at least one or two Facebook friends who insist on posting every meme they can find. If you are unfamiliar with the idea of an Internet meme it refers to a post that concept, phrase or piece of media that begins spreading throughout the world wide web—posts like “So and So’s Future Husband Will Be…,” or “Be Like So and So,” or “Don’t Be Like So and So,” etc.


At first this type of meme can be humorous, but if your “special” friend or friends post these types of memes ten or fifteen times per day (or even if each of your friends post them only one or two times per day), this can be very annoying and no longer funny.

Do not despair! There is a way to avoid seeing a ton of memes on your Facebook page, and this can be done without blocking your friends completely from your Facebook account. After all, they are your friends, and you want to hear from them. All you want to do is stop seeing all those annoying and irritating meme posts.

To stop seeing those annoying posts, just take the following steps:

  1. Find the little “v” shape to the far right of the poster’s name
  2. Click on the “v” shape to open the drop-down menu
  3. Choose the option that appeals to you. Your choices will say things like “Hide the post,” (this will keep you from getting similar posts), or “Hide all from ____________ Company” (this option will hide all posts from any of your friends that share or re-post from the originating company).

Once you have chosen the option that appeals to you, you can rest assured your Facebook page will no longer be inundated with annoying memes ever again.