Houses Built in Seriously Weird Places

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So, you want to build a house. What do you look for?

A level site?
Countryside view?
Easy access to city nightlife?

Well, not these builders.

Most folks might be happy finding that affordable three bedroom suburban ranch or a well-placed 2/2 midcity condo, but for some those easy locations just aren’t good enough. These intrepid builders want to make their mark by living on a pillar, in a mountain, or at the top of the tallest tree. For them, the challenge is as important as the need. They will scale walls or swim rapids to reach their most unusual dream sites.

Click through our gallery to see 20 of the most unexpected places where humans have decided, for some often-unintelligible reason, that it would be the very best idea to defy crazy obstacles to build their own livable shelter.