Hottest Celebrities Hanging Out on Yachts

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Celebrity superyachts are always good for a case of the green-eyed monster. Exotic locales, fantastic beautiful girls in bikinis, and ridiculously expensive boats are usually only found in dreams–unless we win the lottery or come into an unexpected inheritance from an unexpectedly rich great aunt. But that’s why they’re so wonderful. Celebrities tend to let loose on yachts–beautiful actresses and models (and royalty) who keep themselves buttoned-up when posing on the red carpet will let it all hang out when they feel comforted by the privacy of a yacht–literally. But even then there’s no escaping the paparazzi, who will do anything they can, including using high-powered zoom lenses, to sneak a peek at the goods on display. We’ve got some of their hottest pictures as we present to you 11 celebrities on yachts.