Frank Underwood Interrupts GOP Debate to Announce Candidacy

The hashtag #FU2016 hasn’t spread this widely over twitter since… well, probably since Donald Trump announced his candidacy, but that’s a completely different story. During Tuesday evening’s 2016 GOP debate on CNN, a very interesting character had a very special announcement. It was announced via Twitter earlier that day that a certain someone with the initials F.U. would be interrupting your regularly scheduled programming to announce something severely important that the American people needed to hear.

During the debate, an ad was run:

It had all the specific markings of a yawn-fest political ad: long shots of farming country, people hugging, a kid running with an American flag – the works. But who were we greeted with at the end? Why, it was the very face of President Frank Underwood, our favorite Georgia-peach villain we love to hate.  

“America, I’m only getting started,” Underwood states to the camera, his Southern accent threatening with a lingering hint of silent madness.  

Kevin Spacey has brilliantly played the diabolical Underwood for the past three seasons on Netflix’s award winning series “House of Cards”, and yes, his timing is always perfect – both on and off the show, as it clearly shows with this product placement. What was Netflix (or CNN, who hosted the debate) trying to get at? 

Where they trying to ask, “who is the bigger villain here?” 

Doesn’t matter. What matters is that FRANK UNDERWOOD IS RETURNING IN MARCH OF 2016 ON NETFLIX, FOLKS.

Please act accordingly.